Delicious Sweet Treats from SLUSH PUPPiE

Bag yourself your favourite SLUSH PUPPiE flavours from the freezer where we have transferred the iconic flavours into Push Up lollies, Splits, Spiral lollies, Fusion lollies & Ice cream cones.

Grab your SLUSH PUPPiE ice cream tubs in Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Red Cherry Cola flavours – a treat for kids and ‘young at heart’ adults!

Not enough? Pick up SLUSH PUPPiE dessert syrups and drizzle over your ice cream. Available in the classic Strawberry & Blue Raspberry flavours. Why not create your own ‘Mixed SLUSH PUPPiE’ and top your Strawberry ice cream with Blue Raspberry syrup and vice versa!

More? Try combining the SLUSH PUPPiE ice cream and dessert syrups on pancakes and waffles.

Even more? Available in Blue Raspberry & Red Cherry flavours, throw the SLUSH PUPPiE milkshake powder into a glass, add milk and stir! Make the ultimate SLUSH PUPPiE float and add 2 scoops of ice cream to your milkshake and top with dessert syrup!

Not forgetting our SLUSH PUPPiE flavoured milk straws great on the go or for a quick SLUSH fix, simply pop the Blue Raspberry or Strawberry milk straws (or both) into your milk and enjoy instant flavour!

SLUSH PUPPiE - Ice Cream

Ice Cream

SLUSH PUPPiE incredible ice cream tubs in Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Red Cherry Cola flavours. Pick up yours today!

SLUSH PUPPiE - Ice Lollies

Ice Lollies

Push up a SLUSH, savour a Split or a Spiral and feast on a Fusion. SLUSH PUPPiE ice lollies are here!

SLUSH PUPPiE - Milk Treats

Milk Treats

Magnificent milkshake powder and magical milk straws in Blue Raspberry & Red Cherry. SLUSH-up your milk!

SLUSH PUPPiE Treats Desserts


Dive into a dessert wonderland with SLUSH PUPPiE jellies, syrups, and fluffy pancakes – every bite's a flavour-packed adventure!

SLUSH PUPPiE - Teacakes


Prepare your taste buds for a journey like no other with our tantalizing Red Cherry and Blue Raspberry Teacakes.

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